DOLORES / printing session

DOLORES the book

– 20 x 28 cm
–  72 pages with b/w drawings printed on 160 grams paper
– cover printed in red and black plus emboss

the screenprints
a set of five different subjects (one per author) printed with knowledge by SQUADRO



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SCARFUL: no joy

NO JOY is a monument to SCARFUL, the least well known of the kings of Rome.
No Joy brings together in 80 inked pages a radical concentrate of style, pain, violence and irony. Scarful explores the deeper aspects of living, representing shadows, tensions and fears with the strength of his illustrations. A unique style emerges, meticulous in its details, precise to the point of obsessiveness, in his outlines the expressions of his subjects fix, search and obtain the attention of who looks at them.
The graphic cover and quality of the materials used for this edition help to put forward the illustrations, sublimating the stretch and strength. With this book Scarful documents in a definitive way how extremely dark the colour black can be.

NO JOY è un monumento a SCARFUL, il più oscuro dei re di Roma.
No Joy raccoglie in 80 pagine di inchiostro, un concentrato radicale di stile, fastidio, violenza e ironia. Scarful esplora gli aspetti più profondi del vivere, rappresentando con la forza delle sue illustrazioni ombre, tensioni e paure. Emerge uno stile unico, meticoloso nei dettagli, preciso quasi ossessivo, nel delineare le espressioni dei suoi soggetti che fissano, cercano e ottengono l’attenzione di chi li guarda.
La veste grafica e la qualità dei materiali utilizzati per quest’edizione valorizzano le illustrazioni, sublimandone il tratto e la forza.
Con questo libro Scarful, documenta in maniera definitiva quanto possa essere estremamente scuro il colore nero.


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SCARFUL: NO JOY / printing session


– 20 x 26 cm
– 80 pages with b/w and color drawings printed on 180 grams paper
– black cover printed with silver ink plus emboss. with dust jacket

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ERICAILCANE 2000-2015 “Come Quando Fuori NON Piove”

ERICAILCANE 2000-2015 “Come Quando Fuori NON Piove”

“Ericailcane 2000-2015” is the first anthology of all the wall paintings by Ericailcane,
a pioneer of street art and one of the most acclaimed and well-known international artists of the scene.

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