A brand new murals made by BLU @SNIA in Roma


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Una raccolta di disegni senza storia

Preorder NOW: http://www.zooo.org/shop

20×26 cm / 168 pagine
sovracoperta a colori + serigrafia UV
+ poster 29,7×88 cm (preorder only)

[ ITA ]

SANGUE FINTO, il nuovo volume di RATIGHER, sarà ufficialmente disponibile dal 9 ottobre.Effettuando il PREORDER, riceverete un poster esclusivo (29,7×88 cm) contenente 240 mostri originali creati dal nostro autore di fumetti preferito. Il poster non sarà in vendita successivamente, ma è un regalo riservato a chi eseguirà il preorder. Le spedizioni avranno inizio dal 9 ottobre.

SANGUE FINTO è una raccolta di illustrazioni presentate in un rigoroso bianco e nero privo di ogni artificio, che mette in luce pagina dopo pagina i molteplici universi di RATIGHER, restituendo la peculiarità del segno di uno degli autori di fumetti underground più visionari degli ultimi anni.
Un volume di oltre 160 pagine che costituisce la documentazione essenziale di qualche lustro passato sulle tavole da disegno a illustrare l’assurdo. Un’antologia “senza storia” che attinge non solamente dai fumetti che lo hanno reso celebre, ma anche da locandine, copertine di dischi e riviste, T-shirt oltraggiose, pagine tratte da pubblicazioni patinate o semplicemente fotocopiate… Sogni dolci come il diabete o scuri come la pece.

[ ENG ]

SANGUE FINTO (Fake Blood), RATIGHER’s new book, will be available October 9th.
PREORDER now, and you will get this exclusive poster (29,7×88 cm) with 240 original monsters created by our favourite cartoonist.
The poster will not be on sale, it’s a gift for preorders only. Begins Shipping October 9th.

SANGUE FINTO (FAKE BLOOD) is a collection of illustrations in a rigorous black and white without any artifice, which presents page after page the multiple worlds of RATIGHER, showing the peculiarity of style of one of the most visionary underground comic artists of recent years.
This volume of over 160 pages is the essential documentation of two decades spent bending over the sheets of drawing paper to illustrate the absurd. An anthology “without words” that collects drawings not only from the comics that have made him famous, but also from posters, records’ and magazines’ covers, outrageous T-shirts, pages from nice publications or simply photocopied ‘zines… Dreams sweet as diabetes or dark as pitch.



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WALL SUSA / Tre giorni di murales e writing contro il TAV

WALL SUSA / 22/23/24th SEPTEMBER 2017

Three days to contribute to the conflict in Val di Susa giving to its walls the colors of dignity, anger and the fight for another possible world.
Three days to support 25 years of struggle and rebellion together with writers, muralists, illustrators, silk-screen printers, or simple vandals, far from the logic of profit and from the hierarchies of fame and spectacularization.

Tre giorni per contribuire al conflitto in atto in Val di Susa regalando ai suoi muri i colori della dignità, della rabbia e della lotta per un altro mondo possibile.
Tre giorni per supportare 25 anni di lotta e di ribellione, assieme a writers, muralisti, illustratrici, serigrafi, imbrattatori ed imbrattatrici, lontani dalle logiche di asservimento e profitto, dalle gerarchie di fama e spettacolarizzazione.

+++ info: WALLSUSA.ORG

Three days with, among others, a bunch of friends of ZOOO like BLU, CYOP&KAF and ESCIF


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Even if you’re not into spanish, the message is clear!


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ESCIF in Vitoria-Gasteiz / Basque Country /

After BLU, also our mate ESCIF did a couple of murals ERREKALEOR.
This one is called “Luz en la noche”.

And the other one is “Gaua gurea da / La noche es nuestra”.

As some months ago errekaleor has been cut off from the elctrical grid, the community raise a lot of money to build an installation of solar panels sufficent to meet the energy need of the whole neighborhood. Some people say that the cats can see at night. So Escif paints those great balck cat with fluorescent paint trying that he can be self-sufficent too.


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BLU in Vitoria-Gasteiz / Basque Country /

Two brand new murals have been made by BLU in ERREKALEOR,
an occupied and self-managed neighbourhood in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Errekaleor people have collective gardens, crops, a cinema, a bakery, they print books and other nice things, but the municipality and the police are trying to evict the neighbors and destroy all the buildings…

Two months ago errekaleor has been cut off from the elctrical grid and since then they are rising money (and knowledge) to become self-sufficent with renewable energy (..and resist the eviction in the meantime).
Support Errekaleor project and donate here.


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– A3: 42 x 29,7 cm
– 24 pages with b/w drawings printed on 130 grams Old Mill paper
– die cut on every page.
– back cover printed in letterpress on hard paper.

Meccano is a collection of compositions of different elements to create and return a complex framework described in its structure, but harmonious in the end result.
Meccano in a playful illustrates an “elsewhere”, a multi-faceted world of combinations and contradictions, questioning a suggested solution to any definitive interpretation.
Through the die cut on every page, each drawing can become an individual poster.

Meccano è una raccolta di composizioni tra elementi differenti per creare e restituire un quadro illustrato complesso nella sua struttura, ma armonico nel risultato finale.
Meccano illustra in maniera ludica un “altrove”, un mondo multiforme fatto di accostamenti e contraddizioni, che contestano una soluzione possibile a qualsiasi chiave di lettura definitiva.
Attraverso la fustella lungo la pagina, ogni illustrazione può diventare un poster individuale.


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MECCANO / printing session


– A3: 42 x 29,7 cm
– 24 pages with b/w drawings printed on 130 grams Old Mill paper
– die cut on every page.
– back cover printed in letterpress on hard paper.

Back cover printed in letterpress with knoledge by Anonima Impressori


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ESCIF / free painting

ESCIF: Elsewhere + ESCIF: Muros y Paredes

During his last travel in Panjim, India, Escif decided to get a job there. He bought some brushes and good paint… and started walking on the streets offering his skills as a professional painter. In order to promote himself and start getting good jobs he decided to offer his services for free. He put his hands and his brushes. They put their wall and their ideas. Perfect job for an obedient alienated worker with lacks of creativity and a nice therapy to move away bad vibes from street art dogma. God save the muralists!

(All images and txt, from Escif website streetagainst.com)

1. Ms. Shiwadatta.

First time I´d visit Ms. Shiwadatta, I was impressed that her shop was almost empty. She had just some sweets on pots and few old notebooks to sell. Ms. Shiwadatta lost his husband around 10 years before. he was the owner of this shop where he used to repair old damaged furniture. When Mr. Siwadatta died, Ms. Shivadatta get alone and very sad. She decided to keep her husband´s shop and wait for him till the death.

Ms. Shiwadatta ask me to paint the image of Mr. Shiwadatta, so she will feel that he still there to accompanny his loneliness.

2. Keymakers family shop

Kiran works in a family business with his father, making keys. His grandfather worked on it and the father of his grandfather too. They own the biggest keys makers studio in all Panjim, although if they are in a small place. Kiran told me that they don´t need a bigger place to do their jobs.

Kiran asks me to paint a big old key on their facade. Not because they build big keys, but just because they are a big bussiness although if their local is a small one.

3. Biggest Veghi-Talhi in Panjim

Veghi-Talhi is a typical vegetarian dish from south India. The owner of “Hotel Cafe Prasao” restaurant ask me to paint a big “Veghi Talhi” on their facade. He was proud of it.

“We don´t have the best Veghi-Talhi in town, but probably the biggest one. No one will die for hunger on my restaurant”

4. Stamp vendor and Dental Clinic

Two women share space on a small local on the main road in Panjim. Naila sells stamps. Shaili is a Dental Doctor. Stamps sell is announced in a beautiful advertisement on the facade, but Dental Clinic indication is not so visible. They ask me to paint some teeth on the side of the wall to reach a bigger audience. I think that´s a good idea.

5. Wheel painted

The wall of this Panjim Garage was really damaged. The owner asks me to paint something. When I ask him about what to paint he told me to paint “just wheel”. Sounds a good idea for a garage. After finishing, he was surprised about my painting and I realise that my English was not so good, that I misunderstood him. What he asked me was to paint “just well”.

Anyway, he was happy that the wheel was well painted. I get constantly confused with English langage.

6. Smaller Veghi-Talhi in town

Panjim is a small town. After a few days, a lot of people knew my new job and I´ve received a lot of non paid commissions. Close to the first restaurant, there is another restaurant that also sells Veghi-Talhi. They were jealous of its neighbors. They ask me to paint same painting. They  just don´t have a bif facade to do it, so I tried to do my best. The owner was happy to say that maybe they don´t offer bigger Veghi-Talhi in town, but they are proud to be honest with what they announce. The dish you can see on our facade is the same size as the one you can buy in.

… by the way, he asks me to paint some more plants to the side. Looks more tropical now!

7. The candelabrum shop

Fatima recently opened a candelabrum shop with his husband. They import beautiful candelabrums from Turkey and sell them on good prices to local people. There is not a similar shop in Panjim. Fatima was convinced that this will be a successfull business. Indian people love shiny things.


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ERICAILCANE 2000-2015 “Come Quando Fuori NON Piove”

– 200 color pages
– 32 pages of sketches in black and white
– 20×26 cm, hardback cover

“Ericailcane 2000-2015” is the first anthology of all the wall paintings by Ericailcane, a pioneer of street art and one of the most acclaimed and well-known international artists of the scene.
Since 2000, Ericailcane’s walls have changed the face of many cities around the world, from the greatest metropolis to the most ignored suburbs. With his inimitable fairytale and zoomorphic style, he has contributed to the redefinition of the urban art aesthetic with his poetic force.
A tireless experimentalist of techniques and languages, through his murals he has recounted the complex social realities he has traversed and, in giving life to manifold monumental paintings, he has left an unmistakable sign of his passage.
This book is the result of a meticulous work of research and documentation that follows 15 years of activity: over 250 murals in more than 20 countries, unique works that celebrate a world of people, places, meetings, and relationships.

“Come Quando Fuori NON Piove” è il volume che documenta per la prima volta in maniera antologica tutti muri dipinti da Ericailcane, un pioniere della street-art, tra i più acclamati e riconosciuti artisti a livello internazionale.
Dall’inizio del millennio fino ad oggi i murales di Ericailcane hanno cambiato i volti di numerose città del mondo, dalle più grandi metropoli fino ai più sperduti sobborghi, con la sua inconfondibile impronta fiabesca e zoomorfica ha contribuito a ridefinire con la sua forza poetica, l’estetica stessa dell’arte urbana.
Infaticabile sperimentatore di tecniche e linguaggi, tramite i suoi murales ha saputo raccontare le complesse realtà sociali da lui attraversate, dando vita a multiformi opere pittoriche, spesso monumentali, segno inequivocabile del suo passaggio.
Questo libro è risultato di un meticoloso lavoro di ricerca e documentazione che fotografa 15 anni di attività: più di 250 muri in oltre 20 paesi, lavori unici e inconfondibili che celebrano un mondo fatto di persone, territori, incontri e relazioni.


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